The Morrow’s

Hey y’all!

So I have been seriously lacking on the blogging front as of late. What can I say? I have been making memories with my littlest love and enjoying every bit of it! Don’t get me wrong I have been a busy bee behind the camera and I am just tickled pink to show you what I’ve been up to!

Sweet Mallory & Devin were married July 6th in Charleston, South Carolina and I was honored that they wanted ME to capture their big day! Let me just start off by saying that these two have the kindest heart, they have the sweetest relationship & are truly two of the most precious humans I have ever photographed. Their love is contagious & as you scroll through these photos you will get it! They have both been through a very tragic loss in their lives but instead of letting grief and pain define them they decided to choose LIGHT. That is my only way to describe them, pure light! The joy and kindness they bring to the world is honestly unlike anything I have ever witnessed and it shows in everything they do! Their wedding was filled with people who just adore them and what a perfect day it was! We spent the day under the low country Spanish moss and then danced the night away! I mean honestly it was like right out of a Nicholas sparks book, and now I need to move to Charleston ASAP! Watch out you Matheny and Morrow clan you might just have us join you soon 😉

As Kyle and I drove the 5 hour trip back home we couldn’t help but feel so blessed, exhausted but blessed. Blessed that we get to do what we love, that we have such a tender spirited little nugget to raise, that we have a loving Heavenly Father who constantly reminds us that we are not alone and that we have each other to not just endure but enjoy this life with! We were flooded with allllll of the emotions, but I for one just couldn’t get over that I get to do what I love. I get to capture love stories and witness such a spiritual connection between two people, I am truly grateful!

I always like to give my bride & groom a little piece of advice. There will be hard times, times where you feel like you just want to scream. Life has a way of throwing curve balls but if you stick together and remember why you fell in love in the first place that love will never die. That bond will get you through the heartbreak, the tragedy but it will also make the sweet times even sweeter. Continue to date each other through every season of life! When the going gets busy make TIME for each other. Take that day off of work, get that babysitter, eat that ice cream whatever your date night looks like make the time for it. Make that commitment to each other and DATE YOUR SPOUSE! anyway that’s just my two cents, I don’t know much we have only been married 5 years but that works for us and I’m sticking to it 🙂

May your day be oh so very blessed!



Kam + Giselle Maternity

My Sweet Sister & Brother in law are due in October with their first baby! we are 10 weeks apart & It’s been so much fun being pregnant together & experiencing all of the ups and downs with someone who just gets it ya know?! Plus how fun is it going to be when both of these boys make their arrivals? I can already tell they are going to be best buds. They honestly don’t have any other choice, they are definitely going to be attached at the hip! I’m sure our husbands are thrilled to have someone to vent to about all of the crazy pregnancy hormones as well lol! Let me tell you when this girl wants a specific thing to eat I have to get it RIGHT THEN OR I MIGHT JUST DIEEEE, if you know you know! I am so excited for these two boys to experience all that life has to offer together, I just feel so blessed to have our brother & sis live so close, we are truly the lucky ones!

Is Giselle just the most beautiful mama to be that you have ever seen!? I mean come on that HAIR what I would giveeee! She was truly glowing while I was a hot mess stopping around capturing these photos, it was not pretty but dannnggggg Giselle is a pregnancy goddess QUEEN! Giselle had this vision of maternity photos in a canoe and I was HERE FOR IT! Baby Rome’s nursery is going to be a nautical theme and she wanted these photos to reflect that, I for one could not get enough and was over the moon excited to set up this shoot! She always says “Rome loves whales” so obviously he is going to love his nursery full of all things navy, white & nautical! October can not come fast enough, I seriously cannot wait to meet baby Rome and snuggle that sweet baby boy in just a few short week!

McElreath Family Photos

Hey y’all!

These past few weeks have been busy busy busy with getting ready for Baby Allphin’s arrival! The nursery is all set up, the house is clean, everything ( except the stroller) has been purchased and we are just not so patiently waiting for my due date! It’s been the best to have a little bit of a distraction from the waiting game with the most gorgeous family session!

The McElreath family reached out to me a few weeks ago to capture their family photos and I could not have been more excited! They are seriously the cutest family, I could have taken their photos all night long. Literally….Kyle had to remind me of the time, I was just caught up in their darlingness to realize it was getting late and THEY were probably done taking pictures! But y’all know me, can’t stop won’t stop! They are the sweetest family of 5! They came dressed to the nine’s and my photographer heart could not have been happier about it! They killed the fashion game & came ready for the sweetest family session 🙂


Bobby & Savannah


I literally just can’t with these two, aren’t they just the cutest couple ever!? Over the years I have gotten to know Savannah through some mutual friends & she is just darling! I love that I get to photograph friendly, familiar faces! It honestly just makes my job that much more enjoyable 🙂

My sweet hubby Kyle is such a trooper & always tags along with me to my shoots. He keeps me calm & is always on top of how much water I am drinking throughout! Being pregnant in this Georgia heat is CRAZZYYYYYY! So it’s nice to have him reminding me that baby is thirsty too, I really am the luckiest! He is the carrier of my step stool, the light enthusiast & talented second shooter. He always makes the guys in my session feel a little more comfortable and it just makes everything run a little more smoothly! I am forever grateful for his willing hand in all of my crazy dreams 🙂 Anyway I got off on a bit of a tangent all to say that with Kyle there to help, it felt more like a double date than a job with Bobby & Savannah and we had such a great time! We had the most dreamy light while wondering around Piedmont Park. They were so enthusiastic and you could just tell how sweet they are together! It just makes me realize how much I love what I do LIKE I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! The people I have the chance of meeting & the wonderful places it takes me just makes me oh so very thankful for this side hobby turned dream job!

Ben & Liesa Maternity Session

Hey y’all!

Its been a while, so sorry I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks! Life just gets busy, I sure y’all know the feeling. I am back at it with the cutest maternity session of all time! I was honored to be able to capture these special photos for two of our very best friends! They are bringing a little guy into the world in July & I just cannot wait to finally meet him. He is going to be one handsome boy with these two as parents don’t ya think!?

We stumbled across the most gorgeous green field with the sun peeking through the trees at just the right angle! Let me tell you my photographer heart was just bursting to shoot in that golden light! I am already quite the emotional person so tears were inevitable while photographing such a special time in Ben & Liesa’s life! She was just glowing & looked absolutely adorable with her cute little baby bump! The light could not have been more perfect and I just love how sweet they are together! These 3 are going to make the most adorable family!! It’s so fun to see this family grow. We were there on Ben & Liesa’s first date,  we knew when & where Ben was going to propose & waited not so patiently by the phone for the YES we knew was coming! Kyle & I were honored to be in their wedding, We have been on many trips together and have countless memories of great friendship and good times! Now we get to see them become parents to their sweet baby boy. It’s just such a happy time and we are blessed with such a wonderful friendship!

I was truly honored that they chose me to help stop these special moments in time & I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the Stone’s!

Brewer Family Photos

Hi friends!

We had a bit of a cold front come through and mess with our pretty spring scenery.I was not a happy camper about it and am I officially banning all cold weather from Georgia until next Winter! As the sassy red head on the Delta safety video says…..COLD WEATHER is not aloud on any delta flight! Thankfully Peachtree City has so many beautiful places & bare trees were not an issue for this lovely shoot.

I had the most delightful day with the Brewer family. Chelsea and her darling kiddos could not have been any more adorable & I had a blast hanging out with them! Can we just talk about those beautiful baby blues? I mean come on, I could have spent the entire day with them in front of my camera! I was so excited to show them their gallery that I might have gone a little crazy and finished their entire session in a day! I might be a little sleepy today but NO REGRETS and #totallyworthit!

Now I am off to Old Navy because their overalls are on SALE and you can bet I’m not missing an opportunity to snag a pair! I love that they are trending right now & I’m all about hopping on that train. What are y’alls thoughts on overalls? I am totally team love them! anyway I hope y’all have the best week ever!