Hi friends! I'm Amanda! First and foremost, I am a MAMA. My two sweet boys and my tiny girl bring my life so much joy! :) They are truly the reason I love what I do. I am a memory catching , peony obsessed, pink lovin’ gal with a true love for capturing the magic in the mundane!  If you love Diet coke, binge watching Netflix shows and chatting about all of the new viral makeup trends on TikTok, we will be BESTIES!! 

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I am a photographer with an undying love of capturing the enchantment in the ordinary. I just melt for the sun-kissed glow of that golden hour light. My inspiration comes from the connection of a tiny hand hold, the healing of a mamas kiss, the music of joyous laughter & the light of  ear to ear smiles. My style is all about connection and intimate moments! My love language of quality time pushes me to find peace in those sacred, fleeting moments of everyday life. To be present in what one believes to be a forgettable moment, means it has the possibility of becoming an unforgettable one. Oh what a gift to have a life compiled of precious memories! Time passes but a picture, oh a picture makes time stand still even for just a split second!

Cumming, GA Family Photographer

What I do

I love the relationship between a mama and her babies! Capturing that kind of love is unlike anything I have experienced. As a mama, I love having pictures WITH my babies! We are so good at taking photos but being in them is so important! I am here to change the narrative. You DESERVE to be in the photos; your babies will thank you! 

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My love for travel runs deep y’all! Whether it's a road trip to Hilton Head or a romantic European adventure I am THERE! My husband and I actually met at the airport ( Gate C8 in the Salt Lake City airport if we are being exact), so I guess you could say it was fate! We are true travel junkies! 

Travel is good for the soul

Being a mama is my life’s calling. When I was a little girl, all I wanted when I grew up was to be a mama! The road to this calling was not an easy one for us. It was full of true heartache that brought me to my knees. Our infertility journey ended in 3 tiny, beautiful humans that now call ME mama. The broken road to where I am now humbled me in ways I can’t even express. If you are on the uphill road to motherhood, I see you. I pray for you. I am here for YOU.

Being a mom

I have a true obsession with Diet Coke! Anyone else? A CFA LDC is superior and nobody can convince me otherwise! 

Diet Coke Lover

I am a girly girl through and through! Pink is my favorite color ( If you can’t tell through my photos lol). Tulle dresses and a good puff sleeve bring my soul happiness. Retail therapy is my kind of therapy, nothing a good trip to Target can’t fix! 

I'm a girly girl!

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