A little about me.  I am in love with love, having the opportunity to capture your families sweetest moments is truly one of the greatest joys in my life! My passion for photography kick started in the midst of our struggle with infertility. I found that capturing the joy of the beautiful families around me healed my heart & helped me to find hope! As we went through our infertility journey, photography guided me through the hardest of times and also helped relieve a little bit of the financial burden that comes along with IVF! 
I can now say I am the blessed mama of two handsome boys and another little love on the way! I cry tears of joy daily because of the grace I have witnessed in my life from my friends, clients, family, and my Heavenly Father! 

YOU are here for a reason and I am so glad that our paths have crossed! Thank you for thinking of little ole me to help bring the memories of this special time to life. I hope to have you in front of my lens soon! 


hi friends! I'm Amanda


real moments


gorgeous florals

Time...there is truly never enough of it! I believe in making time for the little things! the little fleeting moments that seem so ordinary are the moments that we miss the most! Those morning snuggles with your toddler, that teddy bear they always have by their side, that little hand in yours, the look of admiration and love that comes when your loving arms wrap around their tiny shoulders! These moments should be captured for a lifetime, these moments should be frozen in time! This is my why... I believe in families, I believe in love and I believe there is kindness in the world! Let me show you what I see from behind the lens!

I believe in the little moments

Amanda's why