Southern Snow


I might sound like a complete cliche but Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year! It runs in my blood ( ill have to show y’all a picture of my grandmas house, when I say every inch is decked out in christmas decor I mean EVERY.SINGLE.INCH & its magnificent!) I decorated my tree well before Thanksgiving this year, lets just call it my birthday gift to my self! I love everything about Christmas, the lights the music, the Hallmark movies,  the decor( bless my husbands heart)  and this year SNOW! Snow in Georgia is a rare occasion, sometimes we will get a “light dusting” but this past weekend we got 8″ y’all I repeat 8″ it was a Christmas miracle for sure! It made my photographer heart oh so very joyful & I could hardly wait to get out there & take some Winter Wonderland pictures! Thank goodness for my sweet brother & sister in law for tagging along & getting a few of my hubby & I! Snow is absolutely magical & i’m not sure Georgia has every seen snowflakes of this caliber but I sure am happy I was here to see those magical flakes fall from the sky!

On another note we made our way to Avalon and let me tell y’all we have never seen that place so dead. No joke I think we were 4 of 10 people in the entire place. That just made the snowy paradise even better. We got beautiful snowy pictures WITH NOBODY IN THEM ( another Christmas miracle!) & we had the entire movie theater to ourselves. I just can’t stress enough how perfect this day was, I will remember it forever. We went to cafe intermezzo & got the yummiest white hot chocolate we have ever tasted & strawberry Nutella crepes to top it off. Our perfect snow day ended with snuggles & Elf I think it was one of my favorite days of the year!

I hope y’all are enjoying this Christmas season! May your days be filled with lots of yummy treats, Christmas songs & Family!

xoxo Amanda





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