McElreath Family Photos

Hey y’all!

These past few weeks have been busy busy busy with getting ready for Baby Allphin’s arrival! The nursery is all set up, the house is clean, everything ( except the stroller) has been purchased and we are just not so patiently waiting for my due date! It’s been the best to have a little bit of a distraction from the waiting game with the most gorgeous family session!

The McElreath family reached out to me a few weeks ago to capture their family photos and I could not have been more excited! They are seriously the cutest family, I could have taken their photos all night long. Literally….Kyle had to remind me of the time, I was just caught up in their darlingness to realize it was getting late and THEY were probably done taking pictures! But y’all know me, can’t stop won’t stop! They are the sweetest family of 5! They came dressed to the nine’s and my photographer heart could not have been happier about it! They killed the fashion game & came ready for the sweetest family session 🙂


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