Leavitt Family Photos

Happy almost New year y’all! I honestly can’t believe this year is basically over, I feel like that is a breath of fresh air after the year we have had. We are ready for you 2018, who’s with me? between new jobs, law suites, infertility & deaths to just name a few we are worn out! Don’t let me fool you there were UPS & DOWNS this year and I am trying to stay on the right side of the line by being positive! Through all of the hardships I have finally found what I am oh so very passionate about…..drum roll please, PHOTOGRAPHY! If it weren’t for needing to make a little extra on the side I would have never realized my love of capturing beautiful moments. I found Amy & Jordan this year ( my photography lifesavers) and they honestly taught me so much. I found my style and I am looking forward to what 2018 has in store for not only my photography business but life in general. So cheers to new beginnings!

I had the opportunity to photograph the sweet Leavitt family on Christmas Eve. We have known the Leavitt’s since they moved to Georgia from California! Our family just loves them & it was an honor that they chose me to photograph their growing family! I love watching their family grow as they add new people to and babies as the years go by! They are probably the cutest and I couldn’t help but say how perfect they were throughout the entire session, which proceeded with ” I’m sure you tell all of your clients that”. (ehhem) only the ones who come to the shoot looking like this! They were a literal dream to capture and I loved every second of it!



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