Happy LOVE Day!

Hey y’all!

Happy happy day of love, a day late! ( sorry about that, Kyle & I were celebrating yesterday & I didn’t have time to finish this post) As we were sitting at dinner last night we realized this was our 7th valentine’s day together! LIKE WHATTTTT!? It seems like just yesterday we were meeting for the very first time and here we are 7 Valentine’s days later, time.seriously.flies! I LOVE the love that we share and I catch myself thinking about our relationship all the time! I know I haven’t taken a whole lot of time to really introduce myself, so I figured it would be fun to share a little about us!

  • Kyle and I met in January of 2012 at the Salt Lake City Airport. We were both waiting at gate C7 for our flight back home to Georgia. He came over & sat by me and honestly the rest was history! It’s very fitting that we met at an airport because we just adore traveling the world and seeing new places together! We have been to more countries than we can count and look forward to many more adventures in our future!


  • We got married in October of 2013 in the San Diego LDS Temple. I was 20 and Kyle was 22. We were young & in love and not much has changed! Our wedding was my fav & we could not have asked for a more perfect day! Both of our parents worked for Delta so they told us we could get married anywhere and San Diego was our choice for obvious reasons, IT’S BEAUTIFUL!


  • We are parents to the most adorable golden doodle in the entire land! Her name is Abby and we love her so. She brings so much joy to our lives and has helped us get through all of our heartaches. She is the BEST snuggle bug. Her favorite activities include watching Netflix, getting lots of treats, and crunching ALL of the water bottles! She is truly the perfect doodle girl and we just love her bunches!


  • Now to get a little deeper…..Kyle and I have been struggling with infertility for the past two years. It has been the most painful heartache we have ever had to bare but we are so thankful for each other and look forward to the day we will be able to become parents. Struggling to start our family has really shaped us into the people we are today. I honestly wouldn’t have thrown myself into the photography world without this trial so I guess good things really do come out of our hardships.I needed another way to make a little extra cash on the side to pay for Infertility treatments and that really pushed me to try my hardest at learning this art! I have always loved taking photos but never saw myself doing this for my job, it has become something I absolutely love and i’m forever grateful for this new found talent! Kyle & I are excited to announce that we will be starting IVF in March and can’t wait to finally have the family we have so deeply desired!


  • I am new to the photography world & I owe all of my knowledge to Jordan & Amy Demos. Their photography classes are a gift from Heaven and I will stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows how wonderful they are! My eyes were opened to an entire different world after their class and I love seeing how far I have come because of their help! Click HERE to learn more about it!


  • I also am co-owner of Pearls & Pink Peonies. It’s a fashion & lifestyle blog my bestie girl and I started 3 years ago! I love all things pink, Kate Spade, or leopard print and P&PP is an outlet for my fashion side! I have an adoring love for blogging and love the opportunities that is has brought me!


  • Kyle, his brother & their best friend own a Pest Control company that they started earlier last year! I am so proud of how hard they work and love watching their dreams come true. So not only is my sweet boy a hard working business owner, he is also my second shooter and is quite good at what he does! He is a busy busy guy but still makes time for me and my dreams, I truly am the luckiest!


  • Last but not least I am completely in love with love and just adore capturing it through photography! I love all sorts of photography but I have to say couples are my absolute fav. I just adore creating moments for lovers to look back on and capturing their feelings for each other! It makes my heart so happy to see others in love and I am especially grateful for my sweet clients that trust me to capture all the memories!


I am a true believer in becoming friends with my clients and hope that this helps you feel like you know us just a little bit better! I might be biased but I think we are pretty fun people to hang out with, so come hangout with us anytime! I can’t wait to see you!





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