Bobby & Savannah


I literally just can’t with these two, aren’t they just the cutest couple ever!? Over the years I have gotten to know Savannah through some mutual friends & she is just darling! I love that I get to photograph friendly, familiar faces! It honestly just makes my job that much more enjoyable 🙂

My sweet hubby Kyle is such a trooper & always tags along with me to my shoots. He keeps me calm & is always on top of how much water I am drinking throughout! Being pregnant in this Georgia heat is CRAZZYYYYYY! So it’s nice to have him reminding me that baby is thirsty too, I really am the luckiest! He is the carrier of my step stool, the light enthusiast & talented second shooter. He always makes the guys in my session feel a little more comfortable and it just makes everything run a little more smoothly! I am forever grateful for his willing hand in all of my crazy dreams 🙂 Anyway I got off on a bit of a tangent all to say that with Kyle there to help, it felt more like a double date than a job with Bobby & Savannah and we had such a great time! We had the most dreamy light while wondering around Piedmont Park. They were so enthusiastic and you could just tell how sweet they are together! It just makes me realize how much I love what I do LIKE I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! The people I have the chance of meeting & the wonderful places it takes me just makes me oh so very thankful for this side hobby turned dream job!

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