A Southern Engagement Session

Ben & Liesa are the epitome of a southern couple, we couldn’t think of any place more fitting for their session than Hills & Dales Estate in Lagrange. With its gorgeous gardens, massive plantation house & stunning greenhouses picturesque doesn’t even begin to describe it! I think of Gone with the wind & the beautiful Miss Scarlett every time! Georgia is known for its rich green Magnolia trees, tall pines & lets not forget the surprise of the every day southern rain shower! This beautiful couple ran with it literally & were champs even through the rain!

We also took a few more pictures on a different day at Anderson Sunflower field in Cumming! The lighting was PERF and lets just say they mastered the nose to temple pose, every grooms fav right ;)!?

A little backstory….

Ben has been a good friend of ours for years! My husband Kyle & Ben are business partners & best bros! He lived with us for a few summers & we were always trying to find him the perfect girl! Things never seemed to pan out until sweet Liesa came into the picture. We went on their first date with them & could tell right away she was NOT going to be the one who got away! She was sweet as could be, GORGEOUS, southern, ready for adventure & about as girly girl as they come, in other words Ben’s perfect girl 🙂 She molded into our little friend group like she had been there the whole time & we all just loved her from the start! Things started to get serious & a few months later they were in engaged!!! When they asked me to take their engagement pictures I was floored & honestly a little in shock! We had so much fun & capturing their love was a photographers dream! December seriously can’t come fast enough, we can’t wait to see them become Mr. & Mrs.Stone!





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